I paint at the ArtBar.

I paint watercolor only.

I use mostly three primary colors.

I mix colors on the art not on a palette.

I do not do prints, but the day is approaching soon.

I believe every home should have some original art. 

I believe every home should  have a piece of art that makes guests smile. 

Most of my Roos have something, somewhat clever, wise, witty, whimsical, thoughtful, sage like, quote worthy or just plain ole silly to say.

I sometimes paint them early in the morning  and let them lay... till I hear them speak.

Humor me, artist are strange birds.

So when the Roo speaks I write it down.

It's the stuff we say every day.

It's the common animal on the farm that calls it the way he sees it. It's the realness we need to say more.

 It's usually nothing new.

Just making it up as you go.


I sell a painting  most everyday on Facebook but I do commissions. Many folks look through my Facebook gallery and find a Roo they love and I paint it for them.  Details, size, subject matter and  how I am feeling after  my  morning cuppa tea effects pricing.  My goal ; everyone should have an affordable Roodoodles in their Home, Hen house or Humble Hovel. < roodoodles@gmail.com>

Want to own a Roodoodles original?